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Optical Gratings

Skylark Lasers is at the forefront of laser technology, offering high power, single frequency laser sources that stand out for their exceptional wavelength stability, narrow linewidth, and long coherence length. The lasers are available over a range of wavelengths on a small footprint with easy integration. Skylark Lasers’ current product line spans over the UV to NIR wavelength ranges.


Optical diffraction gratings are critical components in spectrometers, which rely heavily on laser technology. Our laser products meet several key requirements for Optical Grating Mastering.


  • Firstly, they offer high power, ensuring shorter exposure times to reduce disruptive external influences like vibrations.

  • Secondly, they provide power stability, avoiding fluctuations in output power during the production process that could cause inaccuracy.

  • Lastly, Skylark lasers have excellent beam quality and pointing stability, which are key for consistent and accurate analysis.


Skylark's 349 NX Laser, in particular, is suitable for ultraviolet applications, offering a cost-effective and practical solution for various applications.

Skylark Lasers’ commitment to creating reliable, high-quality laser solutions like the 640 NX and the 349 NX lasers support the advancement of optical grating technology, contributing significantly to the field of spectroscopy and other laser-based applications.

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