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Our Vision

Existing capabilities within quantum technologies, and more specifically in quantum sensor applications, are severely affected by the lack of scalable, economical and preferably turn-key laser systems for the generation and coherent control of quantum states. Available solutions have shortcomings in two areas, namely: limited output power and high Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWAP-C).


Options to provide a partial solution exist. Lasers with high output power on a large platform can deliver exceptional results, but are impractical in field applications due to their size and cost. On the contrary, economical solutions prove to work well outside of the laboratory, but they lack the performance required for the specific application.

Our compact diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) technology is the ideal candidate to solve many of the challenges current quantum-enabled sensors are facing. The small volume, high output power and extremely pure spectral output enables researchers to accelerate their commercialization efforts, building on the reliability and robustness of our systems.

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