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About Skylark Lasers

Skylark Lasers is a leading-edge photonics company specialising in the development and production of ultra-stable CW single frequency C-DPSS lasers.

Engineer soldering laser control PCB

Our team

Founded in 2013, we're a growing team of engineers and scientists with a diverse background in photonics and deep tech.

From laser design through to software development, process engineering to electronic assembly, our team is driven to push the capabilities of laser technology — delivering higher output powers from a compact footprint. 

Guided by our core values, we work collaboratively with our customers and research partners to understand their needs and tailor our lasers to their application:

  • Our team pursues the challenge of miniaturising laser technology to enable the world’s most demanding and cutting-edge applications – reducing cost, weight, and size while maximising power and performance.

  • We develop and commercialise lasers with the purest spectral properties to reveal the unseen, detect the imperceptible, and measure the unknown.

  • We work with our customers and partners to gain a deep understanding of their needs - connecting the dots between lasers and application to deliver tailored solutions.

  • Embodying a growth mindset, we value continuous learning and thrive in an environment of curiosity and exploration.


Our partners

We play an active role in the wider scientific community and are closely engaged with the photonics and deep tech cluster in Scotland and across the UK.

We work closely with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Applied Photonics to offer students an opportunity to work with us.

CDT for Applied Photonics

Our close collaboration with the UoB has included the groundbreaking LQT813 project, with many more in the pipeline.

University of Birmingham

As a member of Technology Scotland, we share their vision in establishing the country as a leader in the photonics sector.

Technology & Photonics Scotland

We are grateful to receive continued financial support from Innovate UK, part of the UK's Research and Innovation Organisation.

Innovate UK

Our joint ventures with Fraunhofer UK continue to drive innovation in our photonics products and the photonics industry at large.

Fraunhofer UK

We're a proud member of the European Photonics Industry Consortium, building sustainable growth for photonics companies.


Red laser operating on optical bench with crystals

Our integrated monolithic technology produces the highest output power on a small footprint — combining the superior optical properties of solid-state lasers with the small form-factor, high-efficiency operation of laser diodes.

Our proprietary NX opto-mechanical platform enables the creation of robust, ultra-stable and repeatable lasers covering a wide range of the wavelength spectrum.

  • Start up repeatability < 3 GHz on our absolute wavelength specification

  • Narrow-linewidth operation < 200 kHz

  • Wavelength drift < 20 MHz over 24 hours

  • Intensity drift < 2 % over a 15°C temperature change

  • Reduced background noise and increased signal-to-noise ratio with side-band attenuation of > 70 dB​

Due to significantly lower power consumption and simplified thermal management, our lasers provide improved output power scalability from a remarkably small footprint. 

The Skylark Lasers core portfolio of single frequency C-DPSS lasers offers wavelengths at 320, 349, 532, 640, and 780 nm.

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