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Lasers for optical grating mastering

Single frequency DPSS lasers find applications in several optical grating mastering processes due to their ultra-stable output, coherence, and precision. These lasers are essential for creating high quality optical gratings using various mastering techniques and applications.

CW C-DPSS single frequency lasers for optical grating mastering

CW C-DPSS single frequency lasers for optical grating mastering

The Skylark NX lasers at 349 and 640 nm deliver reliable, high quality output to  support optical grating mastering and fabrication.

  • Optical grating mastering is a process used to create diffraction gratings on optical surfaces such as crystals, semiconductor materials, and specialiced optical coatings. 

    The gratings have closely spaced parallel lines or grooves that diffract light in specific ways, enabling applications such as spectroscopy, wavelength dispersion, and laser tuning.

  • Optical grating mastering typically involves using laser interference or etching techniques to apply diffraction patterns on a substrate.

  • High power

    Enables shorter exposure times to reduce disruptive external influences like vibrations.

    Ultra-stable output

    Power stability and low noise help avoid fluctuations in output power during the optical grating production process that could cause inaccuracy.

    Excellent beam quality 

    Laser output with a well-defined beam profile, low divergence, and pointing stability makes it easier to precisely focus the light source onto the grating surface.

Ideal laser specifications for optical grating mastering

Optical grating applications

Our customers select our ultra-stable and high precision laser sources to support their work across several optical grating mastering techniques and applications:

  • Grating-based sensors

  • Fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs)

  • Diffractive optical elements (DOEs)

  • Diffraction grating fabrication

  • Holography

  • Spectroscopy

  • Interferometry

  • Lithography

Looking for a DPSS laser for your optical grating application?

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