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Our Technology

Our integrated monolithic technology produces the highest output power on a small footprint - combining the superior optical properties of solid-state lasers with the small form-factor, high-efficiency operation of laser diodes.

Our proprietary NX opto-mechanical platform enables the creation of robust, ultra-stable and repeatable lasers covering a wide range of the wavelength spectrum.

  • Start up repeatability < 3 GHz on our absolute wavelength specification

  • Narrow-linewidth operation < 200 kHz

  • Wavelength drift < 20 MHz over 24 hours

  • Intensity drift < 2 % over a 15°C temperature change

  • Reduced background noise and increased signal-to-noise ratio with side-band attenuation of > 70 dB​

Due to significantly lower power consumption and simplified thermal management, our lasers provide improved output power scalability from a remarkably small footprint. 

Ultra-stable specifications enabling applications in Raman spectroscopy, holography, lithography, flow cytometry, and quantum technology development.

Ultra-narrow linewidth
< 0.5 MHz

Ultra-stable wavelength
± 0.2 pm over 8 hours

Ultra-stable output power
< 2 % over 8 hours

Industry-leading performance
from a compact footprint

Ultra-low power noise
< 0.1 % RMS (10 Hz - 10 MHz)

Turnkey installation with
online diagnostics and service


Let us tailor your perfect laser solution

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