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Lasers for quantum

Quantum technology is an emerging market that promises to deliver products and services that will change many aspects of our lives. From quantum computing to quantum sensing, quantum technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we work, communicate and spend our free time. Skylark Lasers is dedicated to providing reliable, high-performance lasers that exceed customers' expectations, and our proven technology is a key enabler in the quantum revolution.


The commercialisation of quantum-enabled sensors

Existing capabilities within quantum technologies, and more specifically in quantum sensor applications, are severely affected by the lack of scalable, economical and preferably turn-key laser systems for the generation and coherent control of quantum states. 

Lasers for quantum applications

Current quantum sensors have two main issues: limited output power and high Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWAP-C). Our technology provides critical advantages when it comes to SWAP-C and scalable production of spectrally-pure lasers.


Our compact diode-pumped solid-state (C-DPSS) technology is the ideal candidate to solve many of the challenges current quantum-enabled sensors are facing.

As opposed to existing solid-state solutions, our lasers are compact and provide high output powers at <1 litre of volume. The inherently low linewidth and high spectral purity of our lasers make them perfect candidates for quantum applications.


Our existing solutions cover rubidium-based applications at 780.24 nm and strontium-based applications at 689, 698.4 and 813.42 nm.


The Skylark Lasers team

We're a team of engineers and scientists with a diverse background in the design and assembly of ultra-low noise dedicated to bringing you the future of laser-enabled quantum development.

Our capabilities

Our lasers and optical solutions are all designed, assembled and tested at our state-of-the-art Edinburgh facilities. Our 1,500 sq. ft. Class 5 cleanroom makes it possible to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers. The lasers we manufacture are driven by ultra-low noise controllers, designed and tested by our electronics experts.

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Our quantum research portfolio

We supply ultra-narrow linewidth lasers to our partners in quantum sensing, metrology and other technologies at the specific wavelengths related to the exact atomic transitions they wish to target. Check out our portfolio of quantum research.

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