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Skylark 320NX vs. HeCd laser

Our Technical Specialist Lauren Fleming compares the benefits of a Skylark Lasers 320NX UV C-DPSS laser to a standard HeCd laser.

Power efficiency

Uses less than 1% of the power draw of Ar+ and 90% less power draw than HeCd.


Double the maintenance free lifetime with no consumable parts like gas tubes,

Cost of ownership

Cost of ownership is approximately 88% less per year vs. gas and ion lasers.

Skylark Lasers 349 NX and controller
An excellent replacement for an Argon or HeCd laser: emission is spectrally pure, efficiency is much better, it provides better longevity with cheaper maintenance, and it is much smaller than our previous laser.

Prof. Ivan Ivanov, Linköping University

Linköping University

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