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Lasers for semiconductor inspection and metrology

Single frequency DPSS lasers are suited to semiconductor inspection due to their ultra-precise and ultra-stable output. Narrow linewidth, wavelength stability, and power control capabilities of single frequency DPSS lasers are crucial for achieving accurate and reliable results in semiconductor inspection and manufacturing processes.

CW C-DPSS single frequency lasers for semiconductor inspection

CW C-DPSS single frequency lasers for semiconductor inspection

The Skylark NX lasers offer ultra-stable, high power, single frequency laser sources that stand out for their exceptional wavelength stability, narrow linewidth, and long coherence length.

For semiconductor inspection applications, our ultraviolet lasers at 320 and 349 nm are ideal.

  • Semiconductor inspection involves examining semiconductor wafers and components to identify defects, measure dimensions, and verify quality and integrity of production.

  • One common application of single frequency DPSS lasers in semiconductor inspection is defect detection. The laser beam is directed onto the semiconductor wafer or component to reveal defects, contaminants, or irregularities.

    For PL imaging, laser light excites the semiconductor material, causing it to emit photoluminescence signals. These emissions can reveal information about the material's properties and defects and can help identify variations in material quality or the presence of specific impurities.

    Through interferometry techniques, monochromatic lasers are used to precisely measure the dimensions of semiconductor features and structures to ensure that semiconductor components meet specific size requirements.

  • UV wavelengths

    Our lasers provide exceptional performance in the UV wavelength regions, reducing auto-fluorescence effects and increasing the achievable optical resolution.

    Low noise

    The low noise performance (<1 % peak to peak) minimises detection errors and enhances the signal to noise ratio.

    Exceptional spectral performance

    Our lasers exhibit narrow linewidth (<1 MHz) and a long coherence length (>200 m), eliminating errors in prolonged measurements.

    Small footprint

    Our compact solid-state lasers can easily be integrated into any existing setup.

    Low maintenance

    Our robust, monolithic design enables the lasers to run continuously with no maintenance needed, avoiding unscheduled downtime in any production environment.

Ideal laser specifications for semiconductor inspection

Semiconductor inspection applications

Our customers primarily select our ultra-stable, high performance lasers for a broad range of semiconductor material and structure analysis applications as well as select wafer inspection techniques:

  • Wafer metrology

  • Wafer defect detection

  • Thin film metrology

  • Semiconductor material analysis

  • Photoluminescence spectroscopy

Looking for a laser for semiconductor inspection?

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