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DPSS Lasers for Holography

What is holography?

The field of holography covers techniques which aim to record and reproduce the wave information of an object. While, traditional photographs store only the amplitude information of an object, holograms also include phase. This allows for a complete wave description. As such, holograms look three-dimensional, when viewed from different angles.


Holography has seen uses not only in art and design, but also in security and data storage. Currently, a major effort is focused on using metasurfaces to overcome limitations on bandwidth, field of view and pixel size.

CW C-DPSS single frequency lasers for holography

Skylark Lasers’ 640 NX and 532 NX are ideal for holographic applications, reaching the highest output powers available on a compact design. Our lasers provide excellent beam quality with a TEM00 mode and an M2 factor < 1.1. The long-term wavelength drift of our lasers is < 1 pm with a peak-to-peak power stability of < 1%.


For holographic applications requiring a UV laser source, our 320 NX and 349 NX offer ultra-stable performance at output powers up to 200 mW.


Customers seeking a solid state replacement for 325 nm and 442 nm HeCd lasers have selected our lasers for their higher output power, higher output stability, and greater coherence.

Skylark Lasers are ideal for Holography

Skylark Lasers offers high power, single frequency laser sources with a coherence length exceeding 100 metres. With long-term power and wavelength stability, our compact lasers at 532 and 640 nm are ideal for holography and applications that use holographic techniques. Applications such as:

  • Holographic interferometry

  • Holographic lithography

  • Holographic imaging

  • Holographic diffraction grating fabrication

  • Holographic optical element (HOE) fabrication

  • Holographic art

  • Embossed holography for security application

  • Holography research combining several measurement techniques.


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