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Our Ambitious Executive Team.

Since 2013, our team of engineers and scientists has been pushing the boundaries of possibility in solid-state lasers. We design, build and tailor high-power, compact lasers for your specific needs through collaboration and expertise.


Ben Szutor
Skylark Lasers CEO Ben Szutor

Ben Szutor leads the global roll-out of Skylark Lasers’ unique monolithic compact DPSS laser technology. Ben has been recognised for his contributions to the photonics industry and is helping develop technology that will drive the quantum revolution.

Head of Operations

Scott Early
Skylark Lasers Head of Operations Scott Early

Scott has been Skylark Lasers head of operations since 2021. With over 10 years of in-depth experience in single frequency laser development and technical management, Scott has covered a wide gamut of roles. Scott has a passion for driving success, nurturing talent, and building successful teams.

Non Executive Director

Mark Hanson
Skylark Lasers NED Mark Hanson

Mark is a passionate business professional with a wealth of experience working for entrepreneurial technology companies. Mark has held various management and leadership positions in areas such as global R&D, procurement, engineering and ultimately commercial development.

Business Development Manager

Jack Ng
Skylark Lasers Business Development Manager Jack Ng

Jack is fully engaged in harnessing the best new ways of building lasers to drive innovation across the sensing, manufacturing and quantum industries. Jack has a record of understanding customers' needs, positioning product-market fit and building strategic partnerships.

Engineering Manager

Gregor McDowall
Skylark Lasers Engineering Manager Gregor McDowall

Gregor drives Skylark Lasers with a passion for innovation and design. With his years of experience in laser technology, he guides our team towards exciting new developments, fostering collaboration, mentoring talent, and ensuring customer satisfaction along the way. Gregor has been instrumental in driving our journey towards excellence, and continues to challenge the status quo and inspire our team.

Head of Marketing

Lauren Percy
Skylark Lasers Head of Marketing Lauren Percy

Lauren is a driven marketer with a track record of developing and executing successful marketing strategies in the deep tech sector with experience across photonics and the semiconductor industry. Lauren has a passion for solving commercial challenges and driving successful business outcomes.

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