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Semiconductor inspection

Skylark Lasers is at the forefront of laser technology, offering high power, single frequency laser sources that stand out for their exceptional wavelength stability, narrow linewidth, and long coherence length. The lasers are available over a range of wavelengths on a small footprint with easy integration. Skylark Lasers’ current product line spans over the UV to NIR wavelength ranges.


When considering semiconductor applications, five key laser properties can be considered:

Availability of UV wavelengths: Our lasers provide exceptional performance in the UV wavelength regions, reducing auto-fluorescence effects and increasing the achievable optical resolution.

High power stability: The low noise performance (<1 % peak to peak) minimises detection errors and enhances the signal to noise ratio.

Exceptional spectral performance: Our lasers exhibit narrow linewidth (<1 MHz) and a long coherence length (>200 m), eliminating errors in prolonged measurements.

Small footprint: Our compact solid-state lasers can easily be integrated into any existing setup.

Low maintenance: Our robust, monolithic design enables the lasers to run continuously with no maintenance needed, avoiding unscheduled downtime in any production environment.

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